Connecting overlooked, disjointed green space to create Toronto’s world class signature park experience in the heart of the city.

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How might we reclaim a main city thoroughfare as an essential, unifying destination?

University Park is a 90-acre signature, world class park experience right in the heart of downtown Toronto. The park will fundamentally reshape the city’s downtown core by bringing together disconnected green spaces in the form of outdoor recreation, pedestrian & bike paths, and installations.

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This revitalization will invite residents and visitors alike to explore the area as the provincial epicenter of wellness, culture, and education it always has been. New parklands will provide habitats to local wildlife, and green infrastructure will be embedded throughout the park designs.

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A destination designed to reflect the significance of the people and organizations that call it home.

From Overlooked to Extraordinary

A 90-Acre Park

can be created by converting only 9.5 acres of city-owned asphalt into native landscape, pedestrian walkways, bike paths, and cultural installations.

The Integrated LAND Project