Empowering landowners and their communities to steward farmlands, wetlands, grasslands, and forests as one thriving ecosystem.

Kawarthas Northumberland, Ontario

What if private land owners, farmers, and conservationists could work together to improve our ecosystems, communities, and economy?

Over the last decade, we have partnered with the Kawartha Land Trust and the Nature Conservancy of Canada to improve biodiversity in the Kawartha Lakes region.

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Today, we are bringing KLT and NCC’s wealth of knowledge to local landowners—including conventional farmers—in order to introduce ecological stewardship practices that regenerate the health of farmlands, grasslands, and forests as one integrated whole.

In addition to providing ecological guidance, we are also partnering with local organizations to help improve business outcomes for regenerative farming practices.

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Regenerative agriculture

Empowering farmers and private land owners to design and manage agricultural operations that positively impact their environments.

Reimagining ecological stewardship

Improving 100% of the land

with an inclusive, sustainable model in which public and private sector leadership can collaborate towards a common set of environmental goals.

Integrated Land Project Map